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On songs such as the standout Bachpan (Childhood), she achieves something so cool it’s completely addictive; this is finger-snapping stuff. In many ways, this is an easy listening album with some very accomplished playing and arrangements similar to the records Norah Jones has made.
Vancouver Sun (Stuart Derdeyn) - Read more.
Engaging? Absolutely.
CBC Music
It sounds really good with elements of jazz, Bebop and south asian.
A dose of desi Jazz. Khanna is one of the few jazz singers to write songs in Hindi.
Mid-Day interesting story.
MTV Iggy
She’s amazing
Urban Asian

Love it
KFPA Radio
Shaitaan Dil is a charming album at the intersection of Jazz and South Asian music.
World Music Central (Angel Romero) Read more
Her voice plays cleverly with harmonics stretching the lyrics that work in both the jazz and Indian settings.
Jazz Weekly (George W Harris) Read more
I liked her songs.
The Asian Connections Newspaper
In some ways it’s unlike anything else you’ll hear–but at the same time, it’s quite familiar and fun. Her voice is lovely, as are her melodies.
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Shaitaan Dil (Naughty Heart) is a captivating and enchanting debut album from Subhi. Subhi is a pioneer, and has been inspired by a myriad of disparate musical genres. Subhi who is a versatile and talented singer, is like a musical butterfly as she seamlessly flits between musical genres. Throughout Shaitaan Dil, Subhi breathes life, meaning and emotion into the lyrics on the ten songs. It’s an album that to some extent, is autobiographical. As a result it’a deeply personal album that is guaranteed to toy with the listener’s emotions. However, Shaitaan Dil also features music that is variously melodic and playful, and other times poignant and powerful.
Derek’s Music Blog Read more
The baby doll voice over the jazz chops hits just the right chord to work well even of you don't know what she's singing out. Obviously meant to be more than a novelty, this is fun stuff that you have to hear to believe. Check it out.
Midwest Records Read more
Like it. It’s very unique. Bollywood meets Jazz.
She is interesting and her music is certainly an interesting mix.
KUNM – Women’s Focus
We are loving it.
I did not know what to expect with this release, happily I can say I really enjoy it, tight arrangements and very catchy tunes.
Diggin it.
FifthWall Radio
I think she’s got something. She is really great.
Stay Thirsty Magazine
That does sound cool...or, I should say, hip!

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